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GFCF Links
In addition to specific product links on another page, I offer these links that have been recommended to me.

We work with a wonderful nutritionist through our local autism support center, North Bay Regional Center. While this is a local organization and not available to all, there are organizations like this all over who can provide families with a wide range of support services, often including nutritionists - and in many cases free. Your school program might give you access to a nutitionists also - one who can provide recipes and encouragement in your quest toward GFCF. I urge you to search for such resources in your area and to take advantage of them. There is a lot of help and support out there.
As seen in the NY Times. Recommended by a friend as a terrific resource for a gluten free diet.
I know Dawn from another line of work, but I was delighted to see that she is doing GFCF, too. Her web site is full of recipes for all members of the family - with really fun things for kids. She is a wonderful person with great ideas that she learned for her kids.

Generation Rescue
I don't know that much about this organization, but I have heard good things. They really seem to think they have the answer for autism and they want to share it - the answer it seems is GFCF Diet.

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